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Daz is Freedom316. Although there are others who support him in this ministry - most significantly his wife Bree - Freedom316 is primarily a vehicle to allow Daz to utilise his God given passion and gifts. Daz is a full on guy. He doesn't have an off switch and he is shamelessly and passionately in love with Jesus.


He isn't interested in fake or manufactured religion; he wants to see people impacted by the Holy Spirit, have their lives transformed, and walk in the purposes that God has for them.

He regularly has words of knowledge for people, both in church and in the street, and this is a major way that God opens people's hearts through him.

Daz is an increasingly sought after itinerant evangelist who doesn't just want to inspire people with his stories, but he wants to spur them into action! He is a passionate speaker and uses humour to engage those he is addressing, whether it is one, one hundred, or one thousand.

He is fearless, inspiring, and challenging, and God is using him powerfully as he walks in close relationship with Him.


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Twenty years ago I was a drug addict lunatic in the gutter and had a powerful encounter with God while I was on a surf trip. My life was totally transformed!!! Daz is nearly 45 now, a father of four amazing kids and beautiful wife named Bree. We don’t have our own company or run Christian surfers anymore! We attend Living Waters Christian Centre and I have been good mates with the Pastors (Wes and Janet) for over 16 years - they are awesome people.

Bree also has an incredible gift as she engages with broken, hurting, and confused girls. God uses her compassion and empathy in a way that I love to see; it is so healing and beautiful. I am truly a blessed man to have her as my wife, and God uses us as a pretty cool team.


I believe Freedom 316 is going to massively impact young people's lives... Watch this space!