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Testimonials & References

Matthew Russell

Over the time that I have known Daz I have found him to be one of the most passionate evangelist I have ever met. His passion for the lost has both greatly challenged and inspired me to love people more deeply, and to go harder in the harvest.

He is a great preacher, and an effective communicator, bearing the fruits of many people greatly impacted by the gospel, and seeing many saved everywhere he goes. Most importantly, he is a great friend, a man of integrity and character, who I have the utmost respect for, and the honour of knowing.

His passion for not only sharing the gospel, but also equipping others to do the same is inspirational and God breathed as a man marked by the Lord for this calling.

I would strongly recommend him to any Ministry, Pastor, or Leader seeking to train their people in Evangelism.

Matthew Russell



Living Waters Christian Centre

I can commend Daz Chettle to you as a gifted evangelist who has a very sincere love for people, especially youth.

I have observed a strong anointing on Daz for souls and the fruit of that, particularly in this last period of time.

Daz has a strong boldness when it comes to street ministry, this boldness is tempered with a real love and deep concern for their eternal well being.

I have seen him moved to tears many times as he ministers or shares what he has seen God do in a persons life.

I believe God has gifted Daz with a five fold gift, which manifests in a passion to stir and equip the body of Christ for this day of harvest we are now in.

Daz and his wife Bree are active members of Living Waters Christian Centre, Christchurch, New Zealand, which is connected with New Life Churches of New Zealand.

Pastors Janet and Wes Chambers provide apostolic & prophetic oversight for Daz & Bree.

I commend Daz as a capable and anointed evangelist to you for youth outreach events, church preaching and evangelism equipping.

Daz seeks guidance and empowerment from the Holy Spirit in all he does.

Feel free to contact me for further comment if needed.

Pastor Wes Chambers
Living Waters Christian Centre
New Zealand



Stewart McLellan

I have known Darren for a number of years now and know him as a man of passion, integrity, honesty and humour. He is devoted to Jesus and his love for Christ is abundantly evident in his preaching. He isn’t just an ‘on stage’ believer; Darren is an unashamed evangelist who outworks his faith openly and takes every opportunity to talk with others about Jesus.

Darren is a committed family man and has life experience that reaches through the generations. His wife Bree fully supports his ministry and has her own successful ministry working with hurting teenage girls.

Darren’s love is for the lost and lost youth in particular. Although he is a Youth Speaker and Motivator, we recently had Darren preach in our church and he spoke in a manner that crossed the generations. He held the congregation captive throughout with many positive comments following. There were a number of people that day that surrendered themselves fully to Jesus and the ripple effect of his preaching continues to touch lives today.

I personally find Darren’s style and faith refreshing and challenging. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him as a dynamic speaker, youth motivator and evangelist who will bring a challenge no matter what demographic your church has.

Stewart McLellan
Christchurch North Elim Church
New Zealand



Peter Dobbs

I have known Daz for over ten years. He is a challenging, powerful speaker and he lives what he preaches. His stories are engaging, entertaining, and inspiring. He is a bit rough around the edges, but that is what makes him so effective in engaging with young people. He loves Jesus with a passion and spurs on those around him to do the same. Daz is one of the few people that has free reign to speak into my life personally and I trust him implicitly.

Peter Dobbs
Elder and Children's ministry co-ordinator at Horsham Downs Community Church and PhD (Theology) candidate.



Jude Saxon

Awesome testimony from Jude Saxon about their Combined Nelson event late 2015! If you have 3 minutes, it's definitely worth a listen!

Click here

It would be well worth getting Daz to do some stuff with Gateway! We had him for a youth event and a leadership night. For the leadership night it was a wide group from 13-30 and Daz was incredible, kept everyone interested and challenged. Although Daz has an outstanding gift of evangelism on his life he managed to make it ‘do able’ for all in the group, well worth having him. Daz as event speaker to youth… WOW! We had an alter call at our combined night, all denominations (even catholic) great message by Daz with out hiding anything and we saw 60% of all at the event respond to the alter call.

I highly recommend Daz.

Jude Saxon



Jared van Berkel, New Life Youth

Hilarious, Spontaneous, Bold, Passionate and Real are just some of the words the best describe Daz Chettle and the awesome evangelist heart that God put in him. Daz is a fantastic communicator and he carries a genuine anointing for seeing people saved and set free.

It's been my honour as a New Life Youth regional leader to have Daz preach at our Canterbury Storm Camp and in youth ministries all over the region. Where he goes, people get impacted by the radical love of Jesus. 

Jared van Berkel
New Life Youth
Canterbury Regional Leader